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Can't MISS

The perfect Tote - WHARF

Handmade premium Leather

Our bags were handmade in Europe by using premium Italian leather directly sourced from its origins.

99% 5-Star REVIEWS

With great quality and accessible price, we gained 5-Star reviews from +99% of our customers

UK's Local Brand

This is our 4th Year in the business and we have been featured in major fashion magazines.

Free Gift Box

Each package comes with a luxury "Mi Bolsa London" hardboard Box with ribbons, and a soft touch velvet anti-dust bag.

About Us

Mi Bolsa london touch

Mi Bolsa London (Spanish name, meaning “my bag”) is a contemporary luxury leather handbags brand establish in London in 2020.

Our design is inspired by the vibrant Spanish style and mixed with the ever classic and elegant London infusion, blended with extraordinary craftsmanship and premium material, Mi Bolsa aims to provide something easy-going yet exquisite with luxury quality and accessible price.

Each Mi Bolsa collection was designed by taking inspiration from rich culture of Spain and UK, the art, the architecture and the nature. We also ensure our selected ateliers meet our set of standards of quality control, sustainability and ethical practices.

To Know

Our Promises


Our bags are made of premium Italian leather, such as smooth Nappa leather for London collection, and pebble Togo leather for Cotswolds collection.


We work with luxury ateliers from Europe whose artisans have over 10 years of luxury bag-making experience. Each bag is handmade with passion, patience, and dedication.


We draw inspiration from rich culture of Spain and the UK, the art, the architecture, and the nature. Our bags are made for practical use to fit any occasion.

To Understand

Our Sustainable Approach

Recyclable Packaging

We know the fashion industry has contributed significantly to global waste, so we're dedicated to minimizing our impact. That's why we use only recyclable and renewable materials for our product packaging. Our boxes, shipping bags, and labels are all made from renewable, recyclable sources.


We decided to ditch the traditional dust bag" that often just collects dust and goes unused. Instead, we're including an eco-friendly canvas bag that's 100% cotton. Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also super practical for you to use on the go. Let's work together to make more mindful choices, one step at a time.


Our fashion line offers timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends. We understand that customers have an abundance of choices, but our aim is to provide classic yet fashionable designs that will serve your wardrobe for years to come. Premium materials were used so that you can be confident about the purchase that will stand the test of time.

What People Say

The Reasons why Choose us

I have purchased a few Mi Bolsa Bags, they were all well made!


Nice design, great quality, and best price. Well done!


I love Mi Bolsa London's cute bags, especially the complimentary bag tags which are so special and meaningful!


My wife loves the Mi Bolsa bags I bought her for her birthday, the customer service lady was so helpful!


I love the leather they used, durable and great texuture, I also love the canva bag they sent me


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