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Article: A Luxury Bag Brand – Mi Bolsa London, defines a new way of how to sell luxury bags

A Luxury Bag Brand – Mi Bolsa London, defines a new way of how to sell luxury bags

A Luxury Bag Brand – Mi Bolsa London, defines a new way of how to sell luxury bags


A new Luxury Leather Bag brand is willing to disrupt the traditional luxury bag industry

Luxury leather bag is a classic must-have accessory for any fashion-savvy individual. It is timeless, stylish, and built to last. With the right leather designer bag, you can make a statement as you go out and about in your daily life. Everything sounds perfect except the price. It is easily to spend thousands of pounds on a bag from traditional luxury brand, most of the portion contributes to the band’s name/logo but not the bag.

What if we only care about the bag itself, such as the material, design and functionality, without paying too much premium to the brand’s name/logo? That was when Mi Bolsa London was born. Mi Bolsa London is a luxury leather handbag brand

that was established in London in 2020. Its founders, who with a passion for fashion and craftsmanship, wanted to bring the vibrant Spanish style and Classic London infusion to the world of handbags.

The Mi Bolsa London approach

The brand focuses on sophisticated designs that feature a combination of traditional leatherwork techniques and modern manufacturing processes. Each bag is handmade with carefully-selected materials and features unique details such as intricate stitching, custom hardware and an exclusive lining.

Mi Bolsa London follows “Direct to Customers” approach, meaning that it only sells its products directly to their customers. By doing so, it cuts off the unnecessary commission and distribution costs, so that more cost is allocated to the product(bag) itself, which could maintain high quality and affordable price.

Mi Bolsa London also communicates with its customers directly via social network (Instagram mainly), by doing so, it helps the brand to understand the customers more thus improve its customers’ service and products.


The Mi Bolsa London Effect

The launch of Mi Bolsa London was met with great enthusiasm from fashion-lovers around the world. The brand quickly gained popularity worldwide due to their timeless designs and high-quality construction.

Today Mi Bolsa London is one of the most sought-after brands in luxury leather handbags. With an ever-growing following of devoted customers and fans, it continues to stick to its brand core mission: Handmade luxury leather Chic handbags, with accessible price.

With ever-growing customers from UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia, Mi Bolsa London is planning to tag into US market this coming fall.

The Mi Bolsa London Tag

Worth to mention that Mi Bolsa London also provides complimentary bag tag, customers can input their own message/name to the bag tag and carry it along with the bag. Something unique and personal, also a perfect choice for gifting the loved ones.

The Future

Mi Bolsa London also plans to open its first flagship Brick-Mortar shop in London in the summer of 2023, and is willing to open more shops in 2024.




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