Complimentary Personalised Bag Tag - How?

 Why need to carry the same bag with the same logo as everyone else does? Fancy something unique and personal? Add your own message to the bag tag, and carry along with you.

We offer each customer Complimentary Personalised Bag Tag service (worth 14GBP) for every bag purchased. Customers can choose from 4 colors: Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Black and add a word/message (up to 12 letters / numbers / combination per tag).

You can add your complimentary bag tag here:

Please follow the steps below when order your bag tag: 

1. Choose the tag color 

2. During the checkout session, please write the content you would like to put on the bag tag. If you ordered more than 1 bag tag in different colors, please specify the contents for each bag tag, for example, Rose Gold: Peace, Gold: LOVE.

3. Please differentiate the capital letter if there is.

4. We only provide 1 FONT, which is ARIAL. If you prefer any other FONT, please contact us at:, and we will try the best to accommodate your request! 

5. If you have any other enquires regarding the bag tag service, please don't hesitate to contact us at: